CLUSTER Photography&Print

19 - 23 February | UGLY DUCK | SE1 3LP

After a tremendous success at UGLY DUCK venue in May, gathering 800 people to our opening and another 1300 throughout the week, Cluster London Fairs is pleased to announce the launch of Cluster Photography & Print.

We want to invite you to our world where no constraints are present, where artists can flourish and where our visitor can feel inspired and comfortable. Cluster is not your typical art fair, we are a community and global network of artists, delivering one-of-a-kind exhibition experiences.


Photographs attest, declaring actions to the world, a single image can like a bullet penetrate the public consciousness, awaken resistance, activate aid, expose truths. Think of Capa’s Falling Soldier calling comrades to fight against fascism in the Spanish Civill War, or the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square, unwitting icon for an entire movement, one man standing for democratic reform. Consider the The Blue Marble, Apollo 17’s image of Earth from space, awakening a surge in environmental activism.

And in turn, an image reduced and refined into a graphic motif can become a symbol and a weapon. The stencil, wielded correctly, can be an advantageous tool to propagate a message, long after a protest dissipates a spray-painted relief remains, only removable with high pressured water jet. From the Christian ichthys, fished shaped secret symbol used under Roman persecution, to the Extinction Rebellion’s ideographic combination of Earth and hourglass, movements have always required signs.

Reflecting the necessity of photography and graphic design to activate change, Cluster is proud to announce the latest addition in our ongoing programme of anti-institutional art fairs. Cluster Photograph & Print will welcome a specially invited selection of artists working in experimental photography and handmade print, from all over the world and all stages of career. Deliberately scaled to put the artists first Cluster represents a new model of art fair which deals directly with the artist, cutting out middle men, creating community and offering real opportunities for professional development.

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Ugly Duck is an art organisation that revitalize underused spaces opening them up for creative uses, enabling artists, community groups, professionals and the public to come together. They host unique cultural experiences and curate events to promote and support emerging artists.